Falling into Place: Our Final Project Plan

I’m excited to get started on our final project for #ECI832! While I have learned so much from my EADM classes it is a nice break from papers and a fun change of pace. It will be great to create some tools that we can use in our classroom right now. Branelle Zenuk and I have decided to create a Digital Citizenship unit. While we understand that it is important for this message and these skills to be taught on an ongoing basis we will create a ready-to-use resource that can be used to introduce digital citizenship in the classroom.

Our digital citizenship unit will be posted online. With consultation from our instructors we have decided to use WordPress as our platform. The unit will consist of approximately 8-10 lessons that draw on cross-curricular outcomes. We will create all the materials and evaluation tools to go with it. It will be geared towards middle years students! It would be really neat if there was another group out there in our class that did a similar project directed towards primary students! It’s never to early to start teaching digital citizenship! The sooner, the better prepared our students will be to navigate this digital world. Any takers?


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